Are You Ready to Skyrocket Your Success?

As an inner-strength-trainer my coaching is bootcamp for the mind. You’ll come out emotionally stronger, more passionate about life and feel equipped to grow healthy relationships. I also guarantee it will infuse your life with joy.

This is for those who are ready to take action & see serious results.

You may not be ready but feel free to snoop around anyways.

Coaching - Natasha Stewart - Inner Strength Trainer - Winnipeg, MB

Join our online family where we chat, laugh and encourage one another on Facebook.

Join our online family where we chat, laugh and encourage one another on Facebook.

Tash is like a breath of fresh air. Quick to respond to my many questions and so full of encouragement. I noticed right away her energy and full of life attitude; not something you see a lot of today, so it was very enjoyable talking with her. She is caring, knowledgeable, wise and inspiring. I continue to look forward to her help and insights.

– Kimberly Fazio –

Living a life of Purpose and Passion

Have you lost your passion for life? Have your ambitions shriveled up during the hustle and bustle of daily living? Would you like to live purposefully and see your dreams come to pass?

Loving Who You Are

Do you struggle with insecurity and low self esteem? Do you constantly compare yourself to others? Are you tormented by thoughts that completely control you?

Mommy Mentorship

Do you find yourself juggling kids, household chores, your husband and sanity? Would you like to know how to manage the chaos while enjoying the journey?

Total Life Do-Over

A transformation program to radically change your life and bring you from a place of hell-on-earth to heaven-on-earth.

Tash is an amazing leader and mentor, she offers great content and keeps you motivated. She is real and shares her life.

– Cindy Lowen –