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Meet Tash

Hi… I’m Tash

An adventure seekin,’ people lovin,’ gal who enjoys a good laugh and a good time.
(Not necessarily in that order)

Meet Tash - Natasha Stewart - Inner Strength Trainer - Winnipeg, MB

This was me more than 10 years ago. Depressed, insecure, low self- esteem, fears, phobia, addictions, my life was hell-on-earth and I hated every part of it. Surprisingly, I found the way out….. better yet, I found the path to heaven-on-earth. Today, I am happy, confident and secure. I live each day to the fullest alongside my supportive husband and the four most-perfect kids ever (I suppose I’m a tad bit bias). Here is our most recent family photo.

Meet Tash - Natasha Stewart - Inner Strength Trainer - Winnipeg, MB

As an overcomer I have an insatiable desire to share what I have learned about building a beautiful life and relationships. I do so in the forms of writing, speaking, coaching and facilitating workshops.

Natasha is one that when you meet, you just know your life will be better for having met her! She lights up any room she enters with her positive, cheerful demeanour; a joy to be around. She is encouraging and inspiring, always leaves one feeling refreshed and uplifted. Her positive attitude, passion for life and living it to the fullest, are contagious!

– Justina Kornelsen –

What You Can Expect From Me

Want more out of life? Of course you do. Yet reading, researching, and studying probably isn’t something you dream about. Am I right? If we want something we’ve never had, we need to learn and do something we’ve never done. Oh dear…. what should we do about this?

That’s where I come in. I’ll put in the time and energy learning everything I can on how to create Your Most Beautiful Life. I’ll tell you what works, what doesn’t and I’ll deliver the results to you.

I can educate but you must take the steps. If you will allow me, I’ll show you the path I took to creating a life of heaven-on-earth.

Want in?

If you would like access to these battle-tested insights join my inner-circle where a community of like minded individuals -like yourself- gather to milk life for all it’s worth. If you are tired of the same-old- same-old? Hop on board, tag along and allow me to inspire you towards change. Inside you can expect a weekly email with my latest material, special giveaways and access to me to answer your biggest questions about life and relationships.

You can join the fun here. (and it’s FREE)

Meet Tash - Natasha Stewart - Inner Strength Trainer - Winnipeg, MB

My Faith

My faith is foundational to my success. I owe everything good in my life to my Lord, Saviour and Father – God. I make no apologies that all my teaching comes from the scriptures.

Coincidentally, most best-sellers on personal development and life success share principals found in the Bible. Authors don’t always acknowledge this, they may not even realize it… but I do. I see the correlations and I’ll make those connections for you. Then you can design your dream life with confidence knowing you are being a do-er of the Word, enjoying God’s blessings just as he planned.

I don’t believe one can experience whole-life-success without God and His Word. Click here to read my definition of success. If you are happy with where you are at in life and don’t feel the need to seek improvement, then this site isn’t for you and that’s okay. But if you are feeling lost, frustrated or if you long for more then perhaps there will be a few lessons here that you can learn.

To request my full statement of beliefs click here.

Meet Tash - Natasha Stewart - Inner Strength Trainer - Winnipeg, MB

The Vision

The butcher, the baker the candlestick maker… we all are called to a specific purpose on this earth.

My calling is to show you the path to heaven-on-earth. A life of peace, joy, fulfillment and contentment. A life filled with thriving relationships, a positive self-image and a life in which you live with passion, purpose and intentionality.

Since a big part of succeeding in life is surrounding yourself with like minded individuals I am creating pockets of people who will learn, grow, share experiences and do life together.

Our virtual Facebook family and live events provide the opportunity to connect with those who push you to be your best and assist you in achieving your dreams.

Your tomorrows depend on what you do today – get connected and get started.

Start Now

I help people (just like you) prioritize the important things in life.
Are you ready to create your most beautiful life?
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Coaching - Natasha Stewart - Inner Strength Trainer - Winnipeg, MB

Join our online family where we chat, laugh and encourage one another on Facebook.

Join our online family where we chat, laugh and encourage one another on Facebook.