Are you an ambitious go-getter with big dreams?

What if you could build your dream business AND create stable relationships ALL WHILE reducing stress, taming anger and managing overwhelm? Think this is possible?

Many high achievers seek success but …        

       …. their marriage secretly suffers.

       …. privately they are emotional wrecks.

       …. they are not enjoying their day-to-day life.

       …. wonder if they’ll sustain what they’ve built.

       …. struggle with overwhelm.

       …. wonder if they are losing their sanity.

       …. are really just hot-chaotic-messes.

It’s not uncommon for go-getters to wonder “is it worth it?”

Can you relate?

What if you succeed at building your dream and achieve a certain level succeed, only to be faced with the stark reality that your relationships are failing, your peace of mind is shot and your emotions are fragile?

Clearly this is THE LAST PLACE you want to find yourself in.

A Better Way

How would you like to build your dream AND relationships simultaneously?

How would it feel to respond positively to relationship conflict and be confident in your decision making, knowing there will be NO REGRETS when you look back?  Additionally, would you like to know how to manage your emotions so you can reduce stress and enjoy life more?

Two Camps

There are two different success camps.

1: Those who succeed in an area while their relationships and emotional health take a beating.

2: Those who have succeeded while maintaining peace of mind, and healthy relationships.

Clearly the latter is more attractive.  

For a more detailed definition of success, CLICK HERE.

My Secret Meeting

Let me tell you about an online follower who reached out to me wanting to glean from my experience……I’m just pulling your leg… the OPPOSITE is true. I reached out to someone I FOLLOW online because I wanted to glean from her experience.

As I was planning a speaking engagement in Tulsa it dawned on me that I would have a whole day to myself in a strange city where I knew no one. So I did what any adventurous, individual like myself would do.  I sent a message to an influential lady in the nearby vicinity to see if I could convince her to meet with me.

I succeeded.

Before I introduce her to you, allow me to share with you just a few of the influencers she has met with.

  • Dave Ramsey
  • Larry King
  • Michael Hyatt
  • Rachael Ray
  • Tony Robbins
  • Property Brothers (Jonathan and Drew Scott)
  • Barbara Corcorin

Naturally I was curious HOW she went from wife and mom to meeting influencers such as these. And by SHE I mean….. Dun, dun, dun… Kelsey Humphrey.

HERE is her most recent video about mompreneurs.  There’s a reason it has over 115, 000 views, it’s hilarious.

If you are on Instagram then you can find her >>>>>> HERE.

Want to see her expert interviews? >>>>>> Check out her You Tube channel >>>> HERE. “This is for all of us in the trenches, pursuing a crazy dream.”

Be a Fly on Our Wall

So…. what did we all talk about? Our conversation went everywhere from business growth and networking to family, sanity and faith.

We unravelled what it takes to succeed while maintaining peace, joy and healthy relationships. There was much said and shared but the bottom line is this.

Success can’t take you where character cannot sustain you.  

You MUST be emotionally strong and relationally stable if you want to be a high-achiever who doesn’t sacrifice family on the altar of success.

What’s Really Important?

When asked what’s most important most will spout off relationships, joy, peace or faith, yet few prioritize these areas. Do you find yourself blinded by prominence, fortune or another form of success. Perhaps you don’t know HOW to invest or improve in these areas. Or worse yet, maybe you are unaware that success in THESE areas IS THE FOUNDATION to success in ALL other areas.

Truth is, you cannot truly be successful WITHOUT the above attributes, influencers, research and statistics agree.

Cook with Me?

I have been cooking up a program that helps people become emotionally and relational stable but I need YOUR help.  I am looking for REAL PEOPLE, with REAL STRUGGLES and REAL EXPERIENCES to be a part of developing this program. If you are juggling family, business and emotions then you qualify. 

Details will ONLY be discussed to those who are interested ….and …. there is a limited number of people I will accept to join me on this journey so don’t doddle.

Leave your info below so I can keep you in the loop.